General terms of sale

All sales are made according to the “General Terms of Sale” stated below. Each order is accepted and executed under these conditions, with the exception of that expressly stated in any other regulation, unless our written and signed agreement is issued.

1. All orders or proposals signed by our agents are valid only upon our acceptance or approval.

2. All data, sizes, item codes, prices, features shown in our catalogues, price-lists, leaflets, letters, etc. are representative only; they can be changed without any previous notice and are binding only in case they are stated in our acceptance or confirmation form.

3. Any drawing or technical documentation concerning our products, even if delivered to the customer, is our exclusive propriety and cannot be used, copied, reproduced, or transmitted by the customer or sent to anyone without our previous written authorization.

4. The package is the customer’s responsibility and it is invoiced at cost. Returned packages will not be accepted.

5. Our goods are delivered at consignee’s risk, for they are intended as despatched ex-works, unless indicated otherwise in writing. Consequently, they are not insured during transport, unless it is requested by the customer, which will bear the relevant cost.

6. In case of failure, since our package is well made, the relevant claims must be made with the forwarding agent responsible for the transport.

7. Our warranty is applicable only for the replacement of the faulty piece, which shall be sent back to us. All expenses, damages, interests or compensations are not payable. At any rate, in case of customer’s claim presented within the deadline stipulated by the current regulations, all components found faulty will only be replaced. We can only be held responsible for found when our product is used correctly and under standard conditions (see instruction sheet for installation, use and maintenance). All claims are accepted provided they are presented within 8 days from the receipt of the goods.

8. The terms stated in our offers or sale confirmations are representative only and not binding. Fires, inundation, strikes or any other act of God suspend these terms.

9. Unless a different statement is agreed, all payments must be made to our main office. Drafts or other accepted means of payment by us do not change this rule. In case of extended payment, missing a payment expiration date means that the terms of payment will be automatically voided and the entire amount will be due and the interest on arrears will begin accruing along with currency appreciation according to the Istat index issued by the Chamber of Commerce in Novara. The goods are considered our property until the payment of the entire amount due.

10. For any disagreement arising from our sales, the contract will be subject to Italian Law and fall within the jurisdiction of the Novara Court.

Cimberio S.p.A. reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the technical features of the items shown in this web page.