den 27 oktober 2013

Postponed victory

Still a postponed victory for the Cimberio Handicap Sport Varese, which was defeated in Turin during the second turn of A2 championship of basketball on wheelchairs.
The team of Bassi resisted for three quarters of the match, but owing to imprecise shots they lost at the end.
“We are still feeling the match too much on emotional side –president Carlo Marinello underlines– and this disadvantages us a lot, like against Genova.  We shall find the way to overcome this psychological problem.”
Cimberio will be engaged next Saturday at 21:00 in Malnate (sports arena in Via Gasparotto 10) to face the roman team of Lottomatica.

H.B. Torino – Cimberio Varese 48-39 (11-8, 18-19, 28-28).

H.B. Torino: Rocca 4, Longo 3, Amasio 20, Savia 3, Cardoso 15, Lui 3, Ghione, Calza.

Cimberio Varese: Marinello 8, Geninazzi 6, Samb, Mazzolini 7, Castorino, Semmler 3, Riva 3, Fiorentini, Roncari 12. All. Bassi.