den 20 oktober 2013

Start with defeat

Cimberio Handicap Sport Varese - Don Bosco Genova 54-58 (14-10, 27-27, 35-41)

CIMBERIO: Marinello 9, Geninazzi 17, Samba, Silva, Mazzolini 15, Castorino, Semmler 3, Riva 4, Fiorentini, Roncari 6, Dell'Olio. All. Bassi.

DON BOSCO: Scagnoli 6, Serio 17, Sala 2, Montano C. 7, Fiorino, Montano W. 2, Carossino 18, Arena, Giaretti 6. All. Carboni.

The championship of Cimberio Handicap Sport opens with a defeat and some recriminations in the A2 championship of wheelchair basketball. Certainly Cimberio missed of precision in the conclusions, in particular Mr. Jacopo Geninazzi, much awaited at the debut with the new shirt, missed a lot of shots, detail that raises our hopes because two more shots would have been enough to play the match until the end.
Among the best players were Mr. Alan Mazzolini, big warrior and author of very important shots and Mr. Riccardo Marinello, generous in defense and punctual in attack. But no one, as usual, saved his energy and the spectators recognize it, applauding the team.

The team of president Mr. Carlo Marinello file the first exit in championship with a defeat that can not and do not have to demoralize. Also because Cimberio won a first match: on the bleachers of the indoor sports arena of Malnate was present a number of spectators even unexpected. Feeling so strong the enthusiasm of the fans will be certainly a tonic most effective for Mr. Riva and his playmates to prepare the away game in Turin of next Saturday.