den 11 oktober 2013

Champions visiting the company

Yesterday  we celebrated the traditional “Cimberio Day”, with players and technical staff of Varese Basketball: they visited plants and offices of Cimberio, for the seventh consecutive season main sponsor of the team.
In the past, this special day took place at the end of the season, but this time we preferred to organize it before the season.  In this way, all players could see at first hand the reality behind the name they will be showing all around Italy (actually, this year in Europe also) and fill up with enthusiasm to face the upcoming season.
Together with the team, the players of Handicap Sport Varese team also visited the company.  This team is also sponsored by Cimberio and they will participate to the next championship of A2 of basket on wheelchairs.
Before visiting the company, the whole group had lunch together with the employees of Cimberio in the canteen where they could enjoyed a special “Sport menu”, very much appreciated by everybody.  The lunch was prepared by Elior Ristorazione, a company of the Elior Group, leader in Italy of collective food service and third firm in Europe.  Each day, Elior Ristorazione prepares and distributes quality lunches to our 180 employees.
Founded in 1991 in France, this company is among the main players of collective food service, commercial catering and relative services.  It is dealing in 14 countries in the world with companies, public administrations, schools, hospitals, travel retail, free time and culture.  In Italy the group is formed by the company Elior Ristorazione, Gemeaz Elior and Copra Elion.  In 2012 the turnover was € 650 millions.  Each day, they prepare with passion 600.000 lunches, taking care about the quality and welness of each end user, of 14.000 collaborators and environment.
Mr. Renzo Cimberio – President of the Cimberio SPA:
It is always very nice to welcome the team at our premises, to show with proud to these young men all we are doing.  In addition, the players of this year seemed to me very interested during their visit: this is something which pleased me a lot.  I hope that this visit, organized two days before the beginning of our championship, could be of good omen for a winning season.
Fabrizio Frates : coach of Cimberio Varese Basketball
We spent a different day, actually in a way also a funny day.  For sure, we lived an instructive day, because we could know what is behind the Cimberio production: we could see the competence, the affection that all employees devote to their tasks.   I think that players could realize that there are different jobs, more hard and tiring than theirs: they are lucky to do what they do and to work with a ball in their hands.
Ebi Ere – Team captain of Cimberio Varese basketball
It was a great day at cimberio premises..  For me it was the second time, because I visited the factory last year.  Each time it is a pleasure to see at first hand this reality and stay next to the employees.  We are all a big family, all the same, under the cimberio name: they work in the factory, we work on the basketball field.  But we still are all the same.