Monday, April 29, 2019

Ama VK2 and Monte Rosa Skymaraton 2019

Once again, Cimberio is close to the skyrunning.
After the Alagna-Indren mountain run of 2018, our society will sponsor two important events: Ama VK2, the run that starts from Alagna and after nine Km ends in Indren (3260 m.s.l), and the Monte Rosa Symaraton 2019.
The latter, the itinerary is based on the original one that was followed in the first run-ascent in 1993. From Alagna, it passes to Bocchetta delle Pisse, Indren station, Gnifetti hut, hill Lys, until Capanna Margherita, at 4554 m. high! We suggest to follow with special attention the Ama-bilmente team, where amputated athletes will run from the Gnifetti hut until the Capanna Margherita, led by Moreno Pesce.